What we do

Plenty of space for comfortable living!

Cozy Cabins are spacious and have room for all the essentials. Two bedrooms with single beds fitted in both ends of the container. In the center there is a spacious lounge and kitchen area with a corner sofa as standard. The bathroom is separated and can be entered from the kitchen/lounge area.


Cozycabins are inexpensive and easily sustained.


Cozycabins are warm, sound proof and fitted with all the modern day utilities to suit your needs.


All our cozycabin homes are all energy efficient and reach all the economic standards required by all european regulations.


Cozycabins can be built to suit all customers needs including paint, Decor, Cladding, Furniture etc.

Cozy Cabins are spacious........
Adaptability of Cozy Cabins

Affordable First/Leisure Home


Social & Crisis Housing

Staff Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Welfare Cabins.

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